Flavour, a phenomenally gifted Nigerian singer and songwriter, has released his first single, an astounding blockbuster hit titled “Odoyewu.”

The talented Love song “Odoyewu” by talented Nigerian Highlife singer and stage performer Flavour is a beautiful piece of work, complete with catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and smooth vocals. Odoyewu, from his successful album Flavor of Africa, features a fascinating tune.
In the song ‘Odoyewu,Flavour gushes over the love of his life by describing her attractive features. This musician, Flavour is widely recognized for this style of music, he never duplicates from anyone, rather he brings out something fresh, which is typically accepted by his music lovers, as he reveals the actual potential in him.

Odoyewu is proof that Flavour isn’t done expressing himself creatively yet.

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