The outstanding new single by the Ghanaian composer, singer, and music superstar Wendy Shay is called “Love Me Now.”

Her previous two-track renditions, “Everyman Cheats” and “Heartless,” are both wonderful and this work is a natural progression.

Moreover, WendyShay’s current album, “Love Me Now,” further displays her abilities as a singer, songwriter, and force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

When compared to her earlier work, her most recent smash song, “Love Me Now,” displays a more expansive vocal range and more subtle poetry.

This accelerated rendition also features catchy sounds and lyrical content that will motivate listeners to get up and dance.

Now you can also share and download this compelling tune by Wendy Shay; it deserves to be on your playlist.

Check it out and share your opinions in the space provided!